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E-commerce and webshops: a concise legal guide for the professional online seller

In 2020 the number of online transactions and webshops will increase significantly. Check out our legal guide for the professional online seller.

23 Apr 2020

Wetgeving en fiscaliteit. Ook dat is E-Commerce. - Online Retailer

Zowel grote multina- tionals als KMO’s en start-ups zien meer en meer de oppor- tuniteiten die e-commerce voor hun onderneming kan bieden, niet alleen in een B2C kader...

21 Jan 2016

Tax and legal aspects of E-commerce

Tim Fransen co-authored a new book on tax and legal aspects of e-commerce, called “E-commerce. Uw webshop fiscaal en juridisch doorgelicht” which is published by Kluwer.

25 Jul 2016

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