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Governance structure of a public limited liability company (NV/SA)

With the new Belgian Company Code the composition of the NV board is more flexible with the creation of 3 governance regimes: monistic governance, sole director and dual governance.

08 Mar 2019

The (I)NPO and foundation: incorporation and publication

The new Belgian Company Code (BCC) has aligned the rules applicable to a non-profit organization and foundation to those applicable to companies.

07 Mar 2019

Reduction in the number of company forms

In light of the simplification of the corporate landscape, the Belgian Company Code (BCC) introduces a drastic reduction in the number of different company forms.

07 Mar 2019

Daily management: extended powers and applicability to the BV/SRL and CV/SC

The board of directors of a public limited liability company (NV/SA) has the possibility to delegate the daily management to one or more directors or to other persons.

06 Mar 2019

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