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AI Act published – Start of the phased implementation

Learn about the AI Act's phased implementation starting August 1, 2024, with key dates for compliance and enforcement. Discover the world's first comprehensive legal framework for AI, emphasizing risk-based obligations, human oversight, and transparency.

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The quasi-immunity of the auxiliary person is no more

Discover how the landscape of liability is shifting with the introduction of the new Book 6 of the Civil Code, abolishing the quasi-immunity of auxiliary persons. Dive into the implications of this legislative change, exploring direct accountability, legal exceptions, and contractual strategies. Prepare for the impact on your contracts and seek guidance from KPMG Law for tailored assistance.

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March 2024 Indexation: Publication in the Annexes to the Belgian Official Gazette

With effect as of 1 March 2024, the costs for publication in the Annexes to the Belgian Official Gazette will be increased.

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The new law of obligations: what you should know

On 1 January 2023, Books 1 (General provisions) and 5 (Obligations) of the new civil code will enter into force. As a result, the legislation will, among other things, create a new balance between the contractual autonomy of the parties, on the one hand, and the judge’s role as guardian of the interests of the weaker contracting party, as well as the public interest, on the other.

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De wettelijke verplichting tot heronderhandelen ingeval van onvoorziene of gewijzigde omstandigheden

Vanaf 1 januari 2023 kunnen overeenkomsten van lange duur door 'verandering van omstandigheden' toch worden herzien.

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Anticiperen op een toekomstige wanprestatie van uw schuldenaar?

Het nieuwe verbintenissenrecht zorgt voor meer bescherming voor schuldeisers waardoor u beter kan anticiperen op wanprestaties van schuldenaars.

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