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The royal decree implementing the Belgian National Pledge Register has been published

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On 26 September 2017 the royal decree containing further rules on the creation of the new Belgian National Pledge Register (Nationaal Pandregister/Registre national des Gages) was published in the Belgian Official Gazette.

This marks an important further step in the implementation process of the new Belgian legal framework for security interests over moveable assets.

Key points of the royal decree

The royal decree provides further guidance on the practical workings of the National Pledge Register and includes details on the following aspects:

  • procedures relating to the registration, modification, renewal, transfer or cancellation of a security interest in the National Pledge Register, as well as the consultation of the register;

  • costs (retributions) associated with each of the different procedures.

The full text of the royal decree can be consulted on /, with reference number 2017013290.

Timing for entry into force

The royal decree will enter into force simultaneously with the new Belgian act on security rights on moveable assets, which is scheduled for 1 January 2018.

For further questions on this topic please contact Isabelle Blomme or Walter Jacob.

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