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Lien Wyffels

Lien Wyffels

I am not afraid to take on a challenge and see it all the way through together with my client. In pursuit of the best possible outcome, my job enables me to tackle specific fiscal needs of the client from a legal point of view, while never losing sight of the economic reality of the business.

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My goal is to assist every client with their Belgian or cross-border VAT position, in both an efficient and effective manner, while taking into account the specific nature and needs of the business.

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Similar to my professional life, I like some challenges in my private life. I enjoy driving around on my motorcycle, I take evening lessons for plumbing and I try to work out with kettle bells at least once a week. Next to that, I like going out for cocktails or nice food, and I try to enjoy life with my friends and family as much as possible!

Education & qualification

  • Master of Business Economics, KUL, Ongoing
  • Extended Master in Management, KUL, Ongoing
  • Advanced Master in Corporate Law, KUL, 2021
  • Advanced Master in Taxation, KUL, 2019
  • Master of Laws, KUL, 2019

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