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Valerie Ghysen

Valerie Ghysen

A lawyer has different roles, each of them equally challenging and rewarding. The personal contact as a client’s confidant and advisor, is as fulfilling as representing that client in negotiations, mediation or in a courtroom. Finding suitable solutions and preventing conflict, all the while being ready when conflict is inevitable, keeps the job varied and interesting.

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Providing hands-on, pragmatic support to clients in preventing and resolving legal issues is my goal. This support ranges from drafting and examining legal documents, to representation in negotiations, mediation or civil litigation.

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Over the years, I’ve become involved in several professional and non-professional organizations. Currently, I am a member of the IT-Commission of the Order of Flemish Bar Associations. When I’m not out and about with my family of four (plus dog), I like to meet up with friends for a night out. I consider cooking and running to be my two most complimentary hobbies. Besides that, I’m always in for a concert or festival.

Education & qualification

  • Postgraduate Real Estate, KU Leuven, 2023 (ongoing)
  • Master of Laws, KU Leuven, 2015

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