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1er mai 2019: le nouveau Code belge des sociétés et des associations

Qu'est-ce que le nouveau Code belge des sociétés et associations, et comment cette réforme a-t-elle vu le jour ? L'objectif est clair : moderniser le droit belge en matière de sociétés et associations en le simplifiant.

13 Oct 2019

1 May 2019: The new Belgian Company Code

What is the new Belgian Companies and Associations Code and how did this reform come about? The objective is clear: to modernize Belgian company and association law by simplifying it

13 Oct 2019

What has changed and who is impacted?

The Belgian corporate landscape is about to get revamped with changes set to impact the legal, tax and accounting aspects of all Belgian legal entities.

06 Nov 2018

Which restrictions can you impose on your distributors?

As a supplier, you might rely on third parties (distributors) to sell your products domestically or abroad. Which conditions are you allowed to impose?

21 Feb 2020

EP endorses package on the cross-border distribution of collective investment funds

The legislative package comprises of a proposed Directive amending the AIFMD and the UCITS-D and a proposed Regulation which have been sent to the Council for formal adoption.

07 May 2019

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