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About KPMG Law Connect

Welcome to KPMG Law Connect: our trusted client facing collaboration platform hosted in a secure cloud environment, providing you with configured and tailored access to key data and to your KPMG Law contacts.

The platform, currently up and running with many of our clients, hosts your data and documents, allowing you to track progress, identify issues and complete relevant legal reporting to ensure you have complete transparency on the status of your projects.

What can I use it for?

You can use KPMG Law Connect for:

  • Contract lifecycle management;
  • Real estate portfolio management;
  • M&A data rooms;
  • Corporate housekeeping; and
  • Many other tailor-made solutions.

Digital Communication

Reports and updates can be provided via the platform ensuring clients always have the latest information to hand in an easy to follow and user friendly environment.


Our teams utilize the platform to ensure a single point of truth for the project – all work is carried out, monitored and logged on the platform providing clients with a comprehensive capture of data which can be exported to common digital formats (e.g. Excel / PDF) and provide on-going alerts and reports.

Secure & Configured Access

KPMG Law Connect utilizes the latest in cloud technology and provides a secure environment in which to host client data with a full audit trail of activity. Furthermore, users are able to customize access to the platform including specifying individual rights. This allows clients to preserve confidentiality and any restrictions they may wish to maintain.

Reporting & Alerts

The platform provides reports on user activity, access and an instant snapshot of progress to date.

Email alerts will notify clients and the team when new information has been added or if a key date is approaching.

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