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Dissolution and liquidation in one notary deed

The new BCC allows for the dissolution and liquidation of a company in one notary deed and makes some adjustments to the attendance requirement for the general meeting.

08 Mar 2019

Directors’ liability: The new Belgian Company Code will lead to more flexibility

The new Belgian Company Code now explicitly states that directors must exercise their general duties with reasonable care, skill and diligence.

08 Mar 2019

The cooperative company

The cooperative company (CC) is a flexible form of company with variable capital, enabling its shareholders to enter and exit on the basis of the corporate capital.

08 Mar 2019

The limited liability company without capital

The key feature of the Belgian Company Code (BCC) is undoubtedly the simplification and flexibilization of the private limited liability company.

06 Mar 2019

Daily management: extended powers and applicability to the BV/SRL and CV/SC

The board of directors of a public limited liability company (NV/SA) has the possibility to delegate the daily management to one or more directors or to other persons.

06 Mar 2019

Are you prepared for the new Company Code?

The long-awaited Code of Companies and Associations will become a reality in 2019. Both existing and newly-established companies should begin preparing themselves.

12 Mar 2019

What has changed and who is impacted?

The Belgian corporate landscape is about to get revamped with changes set to impact the legal, tax and accounting aspects of all Belgian legal entities.

06 Nov 2018

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