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Kirsten Van de Steen

Kirsten Van de Steen

What I like most about social law, is that it covers lots of issues of day-to-day life. It affects almost each of us. It is a legal domain that has a strong feeling with situations that everyone has to deal with at least once in their lives.

How can I help ?

My goal is to find a practical solution to legal issues regarding employment law and social security law. When you go through a difficult period in your professional life, it is my job to alleviate your situation by taking care of the legal aspects.

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In my spare time, I enjoy travelling abroad, doing my weekly jog and, most important, spending time with my friends and family. Also, at the end of a working day, I love drinking a cup of tea and relaxing.

Education & qualification

  • Additional Master in Social law, Université Libre de Bruxelles, 2018
  • Master of laws, University of Ghent, 2017

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