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Nicolas Kalombayi Mukanya

Nicolas Kalombayi Mukanya

I am deeply passionate about banking and financial law. I prioritize helping clients navigate the complexity of regulations and implement them as necessary. I am dedicated to precision and the mastery of my work, and enjoy finding solutions to complex legal issues. I am also constantly seeking to expand my knowledge and skills.

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I specialize in banking and financial law, and provide customized advice to clients. Through my experience with several secondments, I have gained a deeper understanding of clients’ needs and interests, enabling me to propose relevant, appropriate, and valuable solutions.

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I have a strong interest in music, which allows me to clear my mind and express my emotions. I regularly play the piano, with a particular love of jazz. Additionally, I make a point of playing futsal at least three times a week.

Education & qualification

  • Master of Law, ULB, 2020

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