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KPMG Law’s latest manual on the Company and Associations Code

The corporate team of KPMG Law publishes the 2022 version of the manual on the Belgian Company and Associations Code.

01 Jul 2022

UPDATE: New legislative developments on Ultimate Beneficial Owners

The Belgian legislator introduces changes to the legal framework on Ultimate Beneficial Owners (UBO) and the UBO-register.

05 Nov 2020

Accountability of leaders in difficult times: when does leadership become hardship?

The responsibilities of directors and other executives are extensive and not easy. Discover some important liability principles especially during COVID-19.

20 Oct 2020

Happy 25th birthday to the “Divorce Act among shareholders” (aka “the dispute settlement”)

Dispute resolution has been the last resort in shareholders' discussions for 25 years and now forms the comprehensive solution for conflicting shareholders.

29 Jul 2020

Financial Regulatory Update – COVID-19 measures, 24 April 2020

This is a special Financial Regulatory Update with regard to the COVID-19 regulatory measures taken to date.

29 Apr 2020

Personal liability of directors for the company's possession of illegal software

Recently, the Antwerp Court of Appeal ruled that the director of a company can be held personally liable in case illegal software is available within their company.

20 Mar 2020

The transposition of the Shareholders’ Rights Directive and the first adaptions of the BCC

While the new Companies’ and Associations’ Code (BCC) has been applicable to new companies and associations since 1 May 2019, amendments to certain provisions are foreseen.

20 Dec 2019

Modification of the simplified liquidation procedure

Since a few years it is under specific circumstances possible to dissolve and liquidate a company through a mere decision of the extraordinary general shareholders’ meeting without the obligation to start up the, more time consuming, ordinary liquidation procedure.

02 Jun 2014

Lack of creditor protection within a private limited liability company in the event of a capital decrease is discriminatory

The Constitutional Court recently ruled that the difference between the protection mechanism for creditors of a private limited liability company and creditors of a public limited liability company in the event of a capital decrease is not reasonable justified and is therefore discriminatory. 

19 Aug 2016

K law seminar: Reform of the Belgian Companies’ Code

On 6 February 2018, Christophe Piette gave a three hour seminar on the envisaged and highly anticipated reform of the Belgian Companies’ Code.

08 Feb 2018

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