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Social elections: complete or partial termination of the electoral procedure

Discover when and how the social electoral procedure can be fully or partially halted. Understand the criteria for cessation and what to do in case of no candidate lists or insufficient candidates. Learn more about the next steps in the electoral process.

06 May 2024

Élections sociales : comment détermine-t-on une unité technique d'exploitation ?

Découvrez dans ce texte les principes essentiels pour déterminer une unité technique d'exploitation (UTE) en vue des élections sociales. Apprenez les critères sociaux et économiques utilisés pour évaluer l'autonomie sociale et économique des entités, ainsi que les présomptions légales pour les entités juridiques multiples. Comprenez le rôle de l'employeur et les étapes du processus décisionnel.

19 Sep 2023

Social elections: How is a technical business unit determined?

Discover in this text the essential principles for determining a Technical Operating Unit (UTE) in the context of social elections. Learn about the social and economic criteria used to assess the social and economic autonomy of entities, as well as the legal presumptions for multiple legal entities. Understand the role of the employer and the steps in the decision-making process.

19 Sep 2023

Installation of the Works Council

Under the 2020 Social Elections, how much time do you have to convene the elected members for the first so-called installation meeting?

27 Nov 2020

Termination of the election procedure

In certain situations, the election procedure can be completely or partially terminated. Discover what rules apply and how to meet the requirements.

03 Nov 2020

End of the occult period

The so-called 'occult' period is coming to an end and soon it will be clear which employees benefit from protection against dismissal and which do not.

29 Oct 2020

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