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Installation of the Works Council

Kirsten Van de Steen

The 2020 social elections procedure came to an end between 16 November and 29 November 2020. Since then, the results should have been bill-posted in the company and preparations should have started on the composition of the works council and/or the committee for the prevention and protection of work.

In terms of next steps, what happens now? The legislation foresees that within 43 days after the posting of the results of the social elections, or at the latest 30 days after the end of the legal proceedings, the head of the company or the chairman of the existing consultative bodies, must convene the elected members for the first so-called installation meeting. Did you know that your existing internal rules will help you to organize the installation meeting? And, if this is your first time holding the installation meeting within the new consultative bodies, you can use the template for internal rules provided by your Joint Committee.

Discover this and more by downloading our guide to the 2020 social elections. Furthermore, consult our interactive calendar and feel free to contact us if you might have any further questions.

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