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The long awaited gamechanger: Belgian Procurement Act

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Entry into force of the new ‘Belgian Procurement Act’: the long awaited “gamechanger” is arriving soon...

The New Belgian Procurement Act of 17 June 2016 will apply as from 30 June 2017 on tenders in “the Classical Sectors”:

This new legislative act will undoubtedly  be a ‘gamechanger’ for the Public sector.

The relevant changes are the following ones:

  • Under the threshold of  30.000,- EUR (excl. VAT), the tender authority can directly attribute the tender to a company while respecting the ‘equality principle’ and the ‘principle of competition’.
  • More possibilities for negotiations between the tender authority and a company about public procurement projects.
  • Less administrative burden for a company.
  • Obligation for the tender authority to subdivide the tender into lots.
  • Less emphasize on the aspect of the lowest price.

Should you have any questions please contact one of our team members.

We will be happy to assist you in the design of your tender strategy or advise you on the legal aspects of your public procurement projects.

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