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K law & KPMG host M&A Event, Leuven

Wouter speaking

On 5 June, K law and KPMG hosted an event at the Faculty Club in Leuven where Professor Koenraad Debackere, General Manager KU leuven, discussed his vision on the spin off activity of the University of Leuven: Where do the University and private partners meet? From start-up and onwards. In his talk he revealed that the University of Leuven is teaming up with the University of Aachen and Eindhoven to develop a strategy and different centers of excellence. While the University of Leuven is doing well in the European context, special attention should be paid to the activities in the East. He gave the example of Chinese Universities (e.g. Guangzhou University) that are creating specific university funds to invest in start-ups in the University community.

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