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K law authored manual on corporate law

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The corporate law department of K law authored a manual on corporate law in collaboration with Larcier.

This manual is one of the few contributions on general corporate law in Belgium and provides an overview on all different company types, restructurings, capital movements, etc.

The following attorneys contributed to the manual (under the coordination of Christophe Piette):

Gert Cauwenbergh, Virginie Ciers, Thomas De Clerck, Jonathan De Landsheere, Louis-Maxim Desmadryl, Tim Fransen, Patrick Geeraert, Wouter Lauwers, Christophe Piette, Charlotte Reabel, Gieljan Van De Velde, Beatrijs Van Ginderachter, Esther Vanhamel, Eline Verelst and Sien Vermeesch.

It is intended that the manual will be updated annually. In addition, Larcier and K law will organize joint seminars on the topic.

More information can be found on:

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